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"But he who dares not grasp the thorn should never crave the rose"

-Anne Brontë



We believe that when it comes to scent, nature knows best. Our blends embrace all that nature has to offer, from thorn to bloom. This holistic approach keeps or perfume pristinely pure and allows the aromatics' full spectrum to shine. Sometimes this spectrum includes unique nuances which, to some, may be an acquired taste. We look upon these nuances as essential elements, knowing that imperfection can elevate beauty in surprising and spectacular ways. 

When you wear our scents, you will notice a difference in strength, longevity, and even color compared to synthetic blends. Botanical fragrance is by nature more subtle and delicate. It will not intrude into others' personal space, nor will it linger on your clothes for 24 hours. Rather, it beckons for the intimacy of close proximity and should be re-applied often as a mindful ritual.

Our blends may exhibit some clouding due to the presence of naturally occurring organic compounds. Some highly pigmented formulas may stain clothing, so we recommend that you apply prior to dressing. Natural Perfume blends are usually an amber hue, although individual aromatics can range from bright blues (Blue Cypress) to brilliant reds (Rose). These lovely jewel tones are transferred through the extraction process into the final perfume. This means that in addition to a beautiful scent, you'll also be getting some gorgeous colors due to naturally occurring tannins and polyphenols (antioxidants). Lucky you! Be wary of colorless "natural" perfumes, as it is impossible to remove pigment from natural aromatics unless one uses Essential Oils exclusively; perfume houses touting a "natural" claim with colorless perfume may be capitalizing on murky FDA labeling laws regarding the word "natural", as it is an unregulated term. When choosing natural perfume, trust your nose and your eyes.

Natural perfume may experience a subtle change in formulation from year to year, depending on the growing conditions of the aromatics. Much like wine in this way, botanical fragrance can display a degree of terroir; just as Merlot grapes can exhibit a varied flavor profile from year to year, Roses will display similar nuances over time depending on the weather. Knowing this, we should approach the fluidity of natural perfume not as a curse, but as a gift representing nature's ingenuity. After all, those changes reflect a plant's reaction to its environment. A plant cannot physically move to better conditions, and so uses aromatic compounds to defend itself against predators or to attract pollinators. When we bottle a perfume, we are capturing the quintessence of that plant's life; when we sniff a perfume, we are experiencing it's life story. Just as a Merlot vintage will change in price from year to year, Thorn & Bloom Perfume's pricing and availability may change over time depending on the variability of our raw materials.